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Drury University - Baseball Camps
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Drury University Baseball Camps
at Drury University
Springfield, Missouri

Winter 2014-2015 Camps:
- 8 Week High School Hitting Session: November 12th - January 21st
- Hitting Camp, Ages 6-9: December 5th & 6th
- Youth Pitching Camp, Ages 8-10: December 6th
- 2 Day High School Hitting Camp: December 6th & 7th
- 2 Day High School Pitching Camp: December 6th & 7th

- Hitting Camp, Ages 10-14: December 12th & 13th

- Youth Pitching Camp, Ages 11-14: December 13th

Summer 2015 Camps:
- Summer Youth Camp, Ages 6-9: June 15th - 17th
- Summer Youth Camp, Ages 10-13: June 15th - 17th

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